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BSI ISO 9001 Plastic Moulding

Synergy plastics Ltd has conformed to BSI ISO 9001 since its foundation in 1997 and prides itself on achieving top supplier status with customers.
SGS Social and Ethical
Due to the demands of the retail sector the company introduced the SGS Social and ethical audit scheme in 2009 and is fully compliant with this programme.
Sedex Registered
With a varying market place many of our components go to several retailers all over the world and the Sedex programme is an easy way for any retailer to log into your site and evaluate your supply chain as well as your Audit status for various standards.

Synergy plastics LTD is committed to reducing landfill waste to the absolute minimum.  The company currently re generates most the process waste by re granulation and re use.   The company also sends waste cardboard; polythene and other plastic waste to authorised recyclers ensuring waste transfer notes and the correct licenses are in place.
The company is also part of the CHEP pallet network ensuring pallets are in a closed loop system. Synergy also operates a returnable packaging programme should the customer be willing to comply.
As a registered Hazardous waste producer all waste oils used on site are collected and recycled with all of the legal documentation in place.
With Modern machinery and input from the carbon trust Synergy Plastics is always looking to improve energy consumption which will reduce the company’s carbon footprint as well as aid in staying competitive in a very volatile energy market.